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Dakine Miley 16L Zaino Chalet

SKU: DAK1764

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Dakine Miley 16L Zaino Chalet
Dakine Miley 16L Zaino Chalet
Dakine Miley 16L Zaino Chalet

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  • Volume: 16 L
  • Measures: 16 x 12 x 6 (41 x 31 x 15 cm)
  • Material: Canvas


  • Exterior Organizer Pockets
  • PU Vinyl bottom
  • Chalet is cotton-wool blend
  • Polyester lining
Panoramica del ProdottoDakine Miley 16L Zaino Chalet

Our Dakine Miley backpack will perfectly arrange your pens, cell phone and wallet in the externally mounted organizer pockets. The resistant cotton blend materials of Dakine Miley bag make sure your cute pouch pack will last forever! The PU-vinyl coating at the bottom panel protects your backpack and its content from dirt and humidity. The big main compartment provides plenty of space for your books and pads and make Dakine Miley a great school backpack!